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​​Cerebral Palsy Awareness Transition Hope

​​Cerebral Palsy Awareness Transition Hope

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May 11-13, 2018
Camp  CPals  at  Camp  For  All  is  an  overnight  weekend camp  where   campers  of  all  ages and  abilities  gain  self-confidence,  independence,  learn   new  skills  and  build relationships  with  others who  share  their  challenges  in  a   safe and  fun  environment.  Individuals  learn  what  they  CAN do  – not what  they   cannot.  

The  facilities  are  modified  with  features  to  meet  the  needs  of our   special  campers,  making  Camp CPals  not  just  accessible, but  100%  barrier   free!     Camp  CPals  is  an  opportunity  for kids  to  take  a break  from  hospital  and   therapy  routines  and for  parents  to  witness  their  child  participate  in activities   that they  never  imagined  possible.  Parents  and  children  alike realize  they  are   not  alone and  bond  with  others  in  a  safe and positive  environment.

APPLICATIONS will be available January, 2018.

Contact Victoria Polega with any questions.

​(866) 74 CPATH